Our Epoxy Flooring Gallery

Take a look at our gallery below to see the versatility epoxy provides in color and application.  (for pricing & information click here)

Epoxy floorings are a tried and true concrete coating.

They are durable and long-lasting, and very affordable. Floor Seasons offer three different types of epoxies, from the single color workhorse to flake systems, and the new and exciting metallic epoxies.

Single Color

Single colored epoxies are the simplest and are offered at the lowest cost of the three. You will be able to wipe away oil, gas and tire marks from this type of coating. The process for single colored epoxies begin by opening up the pores of the concrete by either grinding or using a muriatic acid wash, and then, apply a pre-determined colored water-based base coat to support bondability. From there, we apply a 100% solid colored epoxy coat and a polyurethane finish coat. If the concrete is new, the average price based on 1000 ft.² would be between $4 and $5 a square foot. If an old coat must be removed, or oil and other contaminants are on the concrete, the average range is between $5 and $7 a square foot.

Flake System

The flake systems that Floor Seasons offer looks very unique with an end result that looks much like granite. This is a valued upgrade from the single color epoxies. The preparation is the same for this system. We apply a colored water-based epoxy and then a pre-determined (usually) colored three flake system is applied on the wet epoxy. It then is left to dry overnight. We then come in and blow out the excess flakes and lightly sand the surface. We then apply one coat of 100% solid clear epoxy with a polyurethane finish coat. The average price for this system based on 1000 ft.² is between $6 and $9 a square foot.


Metallic Epoxies

Epoxies have been traditionally used for garages and commercial flooring applications. Metallic epoxies have changed the demand, and they are now commonly used in homes, public spaces and commercial buildings. This is because they are incredibly durable and absolutely gorgeous. The look can range from soft and subtle or with the use of several colors and solvents; outcomes can be bold, stunning and even outrageous. They come in a wide range of colors and with a seamless floor look. They are quickly taking over the marketplace as the new must-have flooring. The preparation is the same as the single coated and flake system epoxies, however, once the preparation is done, there are many ways to achieve that desired “WOW” stunning end result. Often, a water-based colored metallic base coat is put in to match the topcoat. However, a different color can be picked which can usually “peekaboo” through the finished product. As an example, a black base coat could be put in with a bronze topcoat. From there, a 100% solid colored metallic epoxy is laid down. It moves for 6 to 7 hours as the epoxy dries, which creates the beautiful molten look that it displays. As this coat is being laid down, I can apply several different solvents that are sprayed on the top to give the flooring a remarkably unique look tailored to my client’s desires and vision. The finish coat is a polyurethane. These floors are absolutely breathtaking, and I love every time I book one because I know something new is going to be created as no two are ever alike, and it will truly be a “STUNNING ” look! If the concrete is new, this process based on the thousand square feet, averages between $7.00 and $8.00 a square foot which will fit most budgets of clients that want something really special.

Epoxy Floor Coating Advantages

Epoxy floor coatings offer many advantages when compared to other traditional coatings applied over concrete. The following can be considered the most important advantages:

  1. Epoxy coatings will create a shiny high gloss surface. The brightness in an area with epoxy floor can be increased by 200%
  2. It offers a hard wearing durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic.
  3. Durable and easy to clean
  4. Resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes super clean and will create a seamless surface
  5. Epoxy floor, when applied properly can last 8 to 10 years when properly maintained
  6. Epoxy floors are very beneficial for both allergy and sanitation purposes
  7. Prevent wear and tear to the existing concrete floor.
  8. Require little or no major maintenance.