Where it all began


Floor Seasons concrete coatings and artistic design business was incorporated in May of 2002 and granted the first specialized concrete staining contractor’s license in Nevada, in November of 2002.
Cary Grant, as the company’s co-founder and president of Floor Seasons Inc, has extensive experience in all aspects of the design, application, artistry, and management of concrete coatings projects.
Initially trained in floor maintenance and marble restoration, Cary worked in these industries from 1992-1996. During that period, he developed the leadership skills and knowledge to be a project manager. This, combined with his passion for concrete staining, allowed him to run numerous projects varying from custom residential homes to large commercial projects. From 1996-present, as concrete staining popularized, Cary specialized in that field mastering his craft and achieving much acclaim.

In August of 2001, Mr. Grant, responding to mounting demand, created Floor Seasons with Julie Grant, a unique specialized company where Cary could utilize his extraordinary and unique talents. This gave him the opportunity to advance concrete staining to a new level, utilizing multi-colors, artistic saw cuts, and innovative designs, allowing his team the ability to create stunning unique floors to fit any décor.
Two years after Floor Seasons was born, Mr. Jon Belger joined the team as the master installer for Floor Seasons after being trained for years by Cary. Mr Belger is meticulous in his work and has maintained a perfect record with the Nevada Contractors Board. With Mr. Belger as part of the team, Cary focused his energy on larger opportunities and projects. Jon, meanwhile, transformed the operations department of Floor Seasons resulting in a streamlining of procedures, creating reduced costs and further economic benefits to clients.

In both commercial and residential applications, the company has always utilized superior state of the art products with a modern flair.

The company’s passion and expertise in concrete staining led to an expansion and utilization of new products such as, Epoxy Flooring in 2010. Epoxy flooring, much like concrete staining, gives Floor Seasons the opportunity to give their clients an alternative option of very durable and long-lasting floors with little to no maintenance. They have also mastered the epoxy flake system, which is very popular in garages, both for durability and “wow” presentation. In 2014, Floor Seasons started working with a new evolving medium, metallic epoxies, which they remain excited about..
Floor Seasons is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of design and development of all new concrete applications. Since 2001, Floor Seasons leads the trend in providing the most popular and durable floors available. Floor Seasons has maintained an impeccable reputation with both the public and general contractors alike. Floor Seasons, with its many different options, quick turnaround time, affordability and potential designs, is a stylish and sophisticated way of creating floors, that leave their clients satisfied and eager to spread the word about them.
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