Stained Concrete in Colorado with Acetone Dye

colorado-concrete-stain-projectStained Concrete in Colorado using Acetone Dye

I’ve never been shy about letting people know how passionate I am when it comes to the work I do. That being said, I was very thrilled when I got the opportunity to not only improve my skills with acetone dye but to include some artwork into the project really got me jazzed. Then, to top it off travel to Colorado, well needless to say I was ready to go. Having years of experience in concrete staining and a vast amount of knowledge about concrete stain has its benefits. There’s something to be said about getting into other staining mediums that can be both exciting and challenging, and I like a challenge. Translating everything that I know about concrete staining into acetone dye has been a little interesting at times however very fruitful and rewarding.

On this particular project the customer knew what look he wanted in color and artistic style. A 14-foot cross eagle plus a family emblem on a rich brown, with hints of red flooring.   Perfect for Acetone Dye. So here was my opportunity to combine an old favorite of creating an artistic work with my new interest of using Acetone Dye for achieving brilliant vivid floor coloring results in a beautiful Colorado home.

I began with taping off the room then cutting an outline of the art into the concrete. Once I was finished with the art work I then put down the base color of the floor which was basically a brown, then sealed it. Whether doing large pieces of art or small ones, the difficulty comes in not getting the other color on the base color, and on the particular project the eagle and all the feathers as you can see, became my opportunity to really see what I was capable of.

After the sealer dried I used transfer tape over the outline of my pre-cut eagle and cut away the excess tape this ensures my eagle would be exposed and the surrounding areas would be protected. To further protect the base color of the floor I used tape and film on the transfer tape to extend its protection radius. I then mixed my eagle color which was basically a black mahogany, and carefully sprayed it over the eagle. Since I was using Acetone Dye it dried very quickly and I was able to move on to the next step.Very slowly and methodically removing all the tape and film off of the base color exposing the black eagle. I put a piece of transfer tape over the head of the Eagle before I sprayed the black to give it more dimension. I then sealed the black eagle and Family crest.

My clients were incredibly happy with the outcome and said it was far beyond what they had thought was even possible.

Now it was time for the fun part… Carving!!! I had permission to carve the eagle as I saw fit and since I was in the middle of nowhere and had plenty of time I just started to make it the most carved piece of art I had done in my 20 year career. Nothing was pre-drawn and was done instinctively…..4 hours of pure bliss!!!!  I also made sure that I was cutting deep enough for grout to go in it to highlight it even more like pin striping. The outcome was absolutely gorgeous one-of-a-kind eagle!!!!!  The amount of dust was unbelievable and I felt it would be best to vacuum the floor with my dustless vac , then proceeded by flushing the floor with water and vacuuming that up. After mopping the floor thoroughly and making sure that it was debris and dust free, it was time for the next coat of sealer.

The next step is sometimes skipped, however for me it’s an absolute highlight and a must for my art to show as clean as possible. All the cuts that I had put into the floor from the outline to the decorative carving to show the body of the Eagles feathers had all been cut deep enough to grout. I chose a reddish brown grout for these cuts as I knew with a black eagle it would highlight very well. Grouting is not all that hard however it did take a while with that many cuts and the outcome was well worth that time. One last coat of  sealer over the entire job so that the grout would be sealed in and not able to get as dirty if that had been left raw.

Floor Seasons did an amazing job finishing the basement floor in our new log home in Glenwood Springs, Colorado just off of Highway 6 & 24. Their attention to detail went beyond my expectations. Mr. Grant carved and stained a majestic bald eagle into the floor as well as the family brand. Both were of high quality and the detail in the eagle was spectacular. The color of the floor was exactly what we were hoping for and finishes the room perfectly. I am so glad we entrusted Floor Seasons with our flooring project. We are beyond happy with the final result and would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Tanya Gardner, Home Owner

I’m so very proud of this job as I had an opportunity to really have fun testing out some new theories with acetone dye, most of which I have done for almost 17 years in the concrete staining world, so it was nice to have a new opportunity and time to play. My clients were incredibly happy with the outcome and said it was far beyond what they had thought was even possible. Quite frankly, so was I.  Below is a video of this Colorado home project will help you get a better understanding of what I’m speaking about.


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