Stained Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks

2898Stamped concrete was the main choice in customizing your driveway or sidewalk, but it has since lost its popularity once concrete staining became more visible and popular, giving customers a simpler more affordable option.

Concrete staining is an affordable alternative to stamping. Though stamping can create a unique look, it’s usually double if not triple the price of concrete staining. The reason for this increase in cost comes from the need to “stamp” the concrete. In order to do this you have to pour new concrete to “stamp” the imprints into the concrete. Pouring new concrete 2 inches thick over your existing concrete isn’t exactly an affordable process. Along with the dramatic price increase that comes along with choosing stamping over concrete staining, also comes a few maintenance issues that don’t exist with concrete staining.IMG_0655-2210

If your water contains any alkaline, cleaning the stamping will result with the water drying in the recesses creating a white crusty look down in these recesses. Letting this go too long will eat up the sealer in the recesses, which begins to flake where the sealer is peeling off. For this reason, (and many others) concrete staining on driveways has become a popular alternative to concrete stamping as people are finding that it is much more affordable with a much higher end look versus stamping. The main reasons for this is due to having virtually unlimited designs which can be put into the concrete when staining. You can’t achieve this when stamping. With stamping you’re limited to what is offered as far as what template stamps are available, which is about 20 different patterns.

With concrete staining your imagination is the only limitation. On average, stamping is about three times as much the cost of staining. However, for the price you would have paid for stamping alone, you could have every option available in standard concrete stain design added to your existing concrete staining. By comparison, high-end concrete driveway or sidewalk staining is a third of the cost of concrete stamping.




By comparison, high-end concrete driveway or sidewalk staining is a third of the cost of concrete stamping.



IMG_1609-2214Another great advantage to concrete staining is that it is not topical, instead it is actually etched into the concrete. Concrete’s staining marbleized look is created from the presence of lime in the concrete itself. When concrete cures the lime will rise to the surface of the concrete. Where there is more concentration of lime the stain will appear darker and in the areas where lime is less prevalent the stain will be lighter, thus giving its marbleized look. This translates to no driveway, sidewalk, or patio looking the same. Concrete staining is also UV stable meaning it will never fade, peel, or chip over time as long as you follow some simple maintenance measures. Both concrete staining and stamping require that you reseal every 3-4 years due to the outside elements taking its toll on the sealant.



This translates to no driveway, sidewalk, or patio looking the same.

If your driveway is covered with oil and bleach stains or tire marks giving you the feeling that it is absolutely destroyed and incapable of achieving a good result from staining, we can still provide your driveway, sidewalk, or patio with a professional result. There are water-base stain options available in vibrant colors that give you the look of stain in the end that are usually achieved through traditional concrete staining methods..
Whatever direction you choose to enhance your concrete driveway, you can achieve a multitude of decorative affects using techniques that can be provided by Floor Seasons.

Concrete Staining Pricing

  • Average cost to stain most driveways, sidewalks, patios, and garages is $3.50 a square foot.
  • The cost to stain a driveway that has oil or bleach stains, tire marks or is worn out is $5.00 a square foot.

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