Proper Cleaning of Concrete Flooring

The following supplies will be needed prior to the start of the waxing process:

3- inch blue masking tape (3M)

Small scraper

Commercial mop bucket and ringer (Home Depot)

(2) fresh mop heads that have been washed and dried in a dryer to make it lint free(no detergent)

(1) rayon mop head for the wax which also needs to be pre-washed and dried (Waxie Sanitary Supply (702)263-0663, located on the corner of Sunset and Pilot) *NOTE: It is very important that all mop heads be pre-washed and dried

(2) detachable mop head poles (Home Depot)

(1) empty 5-gallon pail (Home Depot)

(1) wet-vacuum with floor squeegee attachment (Home Depot)

(1) floor machine (side-to-side) and blue pad (can be rented at Home Depot); for residential, a deck brush would work, as side-to-sides are hard to control

Wax : for every 1000 square feet, a 5- gallon pail of Sunglasses Wax (Waxie Sanitary Supply)

1- gallon of Neutral Floor Detergent (Home Depot or Waxie Sanitary Supply)

(1) Tupperware container large enough to put your wax head in after it has been used (the wax head should be put into a trash bag, with the air squeezed out of the bag, the bag tied in a knot, and kept inside the Tupperware container. The trash bag keeps the wax head moist, as it will never be used for anything but wax. The Tupperware container will ensure that the bag will not get any holes in it, as that will dry out the mop head)

The first step in this waxing process is to remove any and all furniture, etc. that is on the floor. If it is too large and/or too heavy, or it is in a permanent position and will never be moved, use the 3- inch tape around the base of the item to protect it from the wax. Next, tape off any and all baseboards, doors, doorjambs, any adjoining flooring, and anything you do not want to get wax on. It is very important that everything be taped off prior to cleaning, as you may have an issue with tape sticking to wet items. Remember to take your time taping off, as it is easier to remove tape rather than removing wax off of those items that weren’t taped off properly. Sweep floor in its entirety, making sure to get all edges and corners, as you want to get all lose debris off of the floor. Any lose debris can show up in the wax. If you’re using a side-to-side and a blue pad or a deck brush, have your wet-vacuum plugged in and ready to go with the squeegee attachment close by to where you will start. Next, fill your 5-gallon pail full of water and Neutral Floor Detergent, if you choose to use detergent. Remember that more is not always better. Use directions on Neutral Floor. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives, ie: bleach. With your mop pole and regular mop head, put it in the 5-gallon pail and splash a little bit of water on an area approximately 10’x10’. Let it soak for a minute or two. If using a sideto- side and blue pad, scrub the area and suck up the dirty water immediately. If using a deck brush, scrub the area vigorously and suck up the dirty water immediately. With either process, go to your next 10’x10’ area as soon as you’re satisfied with the previous section. Take your time in this process of cleaning, as whatever you do no clean will show through the wax and be trapped underneath it. Keeping this in mind, make sure that your edges and your corners have been cleaned and sucked dry thoroughly. Do not feel bad of you have to clean an area 2-3 times. You will feel worse if you rush through this process. If you have pets, you must be sure that you are sucking up ALL hair. The hair will show in the wax and it is very difficult to remove. Please allow for extra cleaning time. Continue cleaning the entire floor until the area to be waxed has been thoroughly cleaned. Go back through, vacuum the floor again, looking for all puddles of water and debris you may have missed. Using your spare mop head, mop the floor for any excess debris. This will be the final mop before waxing. Let dry completely. You are now done with both of your mop heads. Remove them and wash and dry them for the next time you wax. You should have your cleaned and dried rayon mop head, mop pole, clean bucket and ringer, and wax ready to go at this point. Pour 1-inch of wax into the bucket, remembering that whatever wax you use, cannot be used again. The more you wax, the more familiar you will become with how much wax it takes to do your floor. Do not pour excess wax back into the 5-gallon pail, as it will contaminate the wax. Attach the rayon mop head to the pole and put the mop head in the bottom of your mop bucket. Soak the wax head, making sure all threads have wax on them, before you begin to wax the floor. Any dry threads could result in streaks in your floor. Use your hands, if necessary, to squeeze wax into the mop head. Now that your mop head is thoroughly saturated with wax, you may need to add a little more wax to the bottom of the bucket. Using the mop pole, flop the mop head from one side to the other inside the bucket. Then, SLOWLY raise the mop head (to avoid a mess), put it into the ringer and ring it out gently, to not cause any foam or splatters out of the back of the ringer. Push your mop bucket to the area you want to start in, walk with the mop pole and head to an edge, outline the area with the mop head, leaving yourself a way out. Then, using a figure-eight pattern, fill in the area. If it begins to streak, you do not have enough wax on your mop head. Simply, go back to your bucket, flop it from side to side, ring it out slowly, and start again. After you begin the outline, and you notice that it looks like there is too much wax on the floor, go back to the ringer and ring it out some more and go back to the area to finish outlining. Then, continue with the figure-eight pattern. The excess that was on your edge will help you fill in the middle while you do your figure-eights. Continue this process until your entire floor is waxed. Once you begin to wax, do not stop until the entire area is complete. Stopping in the middle could cause heavy wax lines where you stopped and started again. As you’re moving along, keep your eyes open for areas you may not have covered, and do your figure-eights over the empty spots. This will ensure a consistent coat. This is especially important on the last coat. Once you’ve applied the first coat, wait a minimum of 15 minutes to let the area dry. Use your hand to feel your way, to make sure it is completely dry before you apply the subsequent coats. Moving forward before it is completely dry, could cause severe rips in the wax. DO NOT RUSH! A fan or ceiling fan during this process, pointed in the air and NOT at the floor, could speed up the drying process, as well as having all windows and doors open. Repeat this waxing process a minimum of 4 times (coats) and take down your tape. Do not put any rugs back into place for 24 hours, as the wax will need to breathe so it does not yellow. Any and all furniture can go back once the floor is completely dry. (1-2 hours) Do not ring out the wax head, as you want it t o stay moist. Put it inside of the trash bag, squeeze the air out, tie the bag in a knot, and make sure the bag does not have any holes in it. Then, place the bag inside your Tupperware container. Rinse out the mop bucket and ringer, as well as the mop pole, so that you do not get a wax build-up on your equipment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Floor seasons, Inc., should you have any questions prior to your waxing process through email or by calling 702.348.8971.

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