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Stained Concrete in Colorado with Ace...

Stained Concrete in Colorado with Acetone Dye
Stained Concrete in Colorado using Acetone Dye I’ve never been shy about letting people know how passionate I am when it comes to the work I do. That being said, I was very thrilled when I got the opportunity to not only improve my skills with acetone dye but to include some artwork into the project really got me jazzed. Then, to top it off t [...]

Stained Concrete Driveways & Sid...

Stained Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks
Stamped concrete was the main choice in customizing your driveway or sidewalk, but it has since lost its popularity once concrete staining became more visible and popular, giving customers a simpler more affordable option. Concrete staining is an affordable alternative to stamping. Though stamping can create a unique look, it’s usually [...]

St.George concrete staining by floor ...

St.George concrete staining by floor seasons

Proper Cleaning of Concrete Flooring

Proper Cleaning of Concrete Flooring
The following supplies will be needed prior to the start of the waxing process: 3- inch blue masking tape (3M) Small scraper Commercial mop bucket and ringer (Home Depot) (2) fresh mop heads that have been washed and dried in a dryer to make it lint free(no detergent) (1) rayon mop head for the wax which also needs to be pre-washed and dried [...]

How to Maintain Your Floor Seasons Fl...

How to Maintain Your Floor Seasons Flooring
Maintain Floor Seasons concrete flooring Floor Seasons, Inc. recommends that interior floors, in residential and commercial applications, be maintained every 3-6 months, depending upon the traffic on the floor. The following instructions should help guide you in maintaining your floor. If there is any uncertainty, please feel free to call Flo [...]

About the Artist

Cary Grant Floor Seasons concrete staining and artistic design was incorporated in May of 2002 and granted the first specialized concrete staining contractors license in Nevada in November of 2002. As its principal officer, Cary Grant has extensive experience in all aspects of the design, application, and artistry of concrete staining. Initia [...]

Industry Terminology

Industry Terminology 1) Acetone: One of the most common solvents often used to clean residue off a surface or to thin other products. It is a flammable substance. 2) Acid etching: A process of applying phosphoric or muriatic acid to a concrete floor which cleans and etches the surface. 3) Acid Stains: An advanced method of colorizing concrete [...]