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cgrantCary Grant

Floor Seasons concrete staining and artistic design was incorporated in May of 2002 and granted the first specialized concrete staining contractors license in Nevada in November of 2002.
As its principal officer, Cary Grant has extensive experience in all aspects of the design, application, and artistry of concrete staining.

Initially trained in floor maintenance and marble restoration, Cary worked in these industries from 1992-1996. During this period of time, he developed the skills and knowledge to be a project manager. This combined with his previous background allowed him to run numerous projects varying from custom residential homes to large commercial projects. As concrete staining popularized, Cary learned the techniques necessary to create a stained concrete floor. From 1996-present, he has mastered the art of concrete staining and decided to specialize in that field.

In August of 2001, Cary made the decision to put his talent and services on the market with Floor Seasons. This gave him the opportunity to bring concrete staining to another level. Utilizing multi-colors, artistic saw cuts, and innovative designs, allows his team and him to create a unique floor to fit any d├ęcor.

Cary’s passion was to have a series of comprehensive concrete staining DVDS on the market so that the weekend warrior could do his or her garage or the contractor in Timbuktu could open his or her own concrete staining company. Needless to say, the DVDS will speak for themselves.

Cary has worked on these 8 DVDS for approximately one year, which were launched at The World of Concrete 2005, where he was 1 of 12 artists featured.

Our experience also speaks for itself. Given the opportunity, our qualified team will use all of their resources to make your project a success. With enthusiasm and determination, we are committed to staying on schedule and budget to create a work of art you can walk on.

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